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Privacy Policy

It is a priority to ensure the security of our clients’ company and personal information. We ask that you notify us of any information that we hold on you or your company which is incorrect or incomplete.

Any information we hold or require such as your name, occupation, email or any other relevant contact data will only be used for internal record keeping, improvement of service and products and promo deal contact. Personal or company information will not be sold, distributed or leased to any third parties without permission or unless required to do so by law.

We are implementing an Advertising policy as of 2016, whereby the client event contact will be responsible for notifying all potential guests that content from the event i.e. photos, videos, location, general information may be used for advertising purposes whether that is in print, online or social media. If any guests would like to opt out of being in such materials they must notify the client event contact, who will be responsible for gaining signatory declaration.


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